Visual Design
1 Week, Spring 2018
Adobe XD
Through research and conversations with people in the Financial Services Industry, I identified that the greatest challenge facing the industry was their struggle to gain and retain younger users.
Same App New Look
I redesigned the Affinity Mobile Banking app to meet the expectations of young users and to satisfy the interests of the business. Subtle gradients and illustrations were used to bring the design in line with modern trends, while generous spacing and a clear visual hierarchy ensure clarity and usability.
The Process 
Finding the Mood
When finding the mood for the design, I wanted to avoid looking at existing UI for my first references to avoid the pitfalls of the products already on the market. Instead I found inspiration in modern Industrial Design and Photography. I was especially inspired by white Mediterranean homes resting against the natural gradients of a sunset. This became a key influence for my design direction.
I sketched out some ideas for the UI and some illustrations that I could incorporate into the design to add a little more personality. These sketches helped to refine my ideas and gave me a framework that I could use to start working digitally.
Design Exploration
Now with sketches done and the mood decided on I began building a number of iterations in Adobe XD and Illustrator. This process involved trying many different variations on the core design to figure what works and what doesn't. I then compounded the elements I liked from various iterations and approaches into the final design.  

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